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  • If you break ANY Atlas Tab, we will replace it FREE of Charge.
  • You only pay shipping costs!
  • Send us the broken tab, and include a self-addressed, stamped envelope,
    and we will send the new tab in the envelope.
  • Send the tab to this address:
Atlas Dent Tools
1134 Highway UU
Bolivar, MO 65613




Product Reviews



"I recently purchased an Atlas Glue Pulling System for my husband's new mobile PDR business. We are really pleased with the prompt delivery, even over Xmas, and he has reported great results and excellent customer feedback after use on several customer's vehicles. My husband is a fully qualified panel beater with 20 years experience, so can be difficult to please when it comes to results, so it must be good! We anticipate lodging numerous future orders with Atlas and look forward to building a good relationship with the company." -Lou Gibson on behalf of Ian D. Mattice, Southern Dent and Shine

"Hi Lincoln, I just wanted to thank you for the speedy shipping and the very durable and reliable atlas tabs! The t-shirt was a nice gift too! The tabs worked great, I was able to get some great pulls using the glue sticks I purchased from you. Everything was well worth it. Thank you." -Vu Le, Westminster, CA

"Absolutely the best round pulling glue tabs bar none. I can’t wait for straight bar shapes and some ovals. I’ve seen glue pulling since it was first offered with limited success. These tabs will really hold better than all the rest." -Steve Parrish, Dent Proof / Franklin, TN

"I am a 20-year tech and have worked hail at 9 auto factories in Europe and I have been so tired of snapping tabs. I am super excited about the big batch of your tabs i bought. I am currently working by myself at a BMW dealer where all 250 cars are hit with hail. Thanks for your awesome hard work in developing these! You are appreciated in Memphis by a 20 year tech that doesnt drill holes!" -Kurt Galbraith, Road Show BMW / Memphis, TN

"Atlas Tabs esto funciona muy bien. Es un producto duradero y muy fuerte es muy reusable. No se rompe con facilidad." -Pepe Sanchez / Tarragona, Spain

"These (Atlas Tabs) have more holding power and sharp snap than the ones I’ve been using. I can lift the metal higher with my mini-lifter, but the shaft isn’t stretching. I thought with the face design, it would be tough to clean, but I was wrong. It was very easy to clean and reuse multiple times." -John E. Kraynak, Painless Dent Removal / Villa Park, IL

"My techs and I tried these paintless dent pulls and I say that we’ve never got anything better! Reliable product!" -Yves Ferragu, Euro’Grele / Anglet, France

"These new PDR glue pulls from Atlas Dent Removal are definitely the best paintless dent repair tabs I’ve ever used. They seem to have a better grip than other tabs and I haven’t had one break on me yet! I highly recommend them." -Jason Teague, Dent Tech (14 years) / Austin, TX

"Best PDR glue tabs I have ever tried! These glue tabs pull great, I haven’t had one let go yet. I’ve used glue pullers for over ten years and used to think glue pulling sucked. These tabs have changed my thinking on glue pulling dents. Thank You, Lincoln." Tim Nelson, Hastings Ford / Hastings, MN

"Hallo Mr. Farell! Wir sind seit ca, 12 jahren im dellenhandwerk tätig und haben in der praxis mittlerweile jede menge klebezugadapter getestet und auch viele verbraucht. Aber der Atlas Olympian Pull hat uns absolut von seiner klebekraft und leistung begeistert dass sie gleich das komplette klebezugadaptersortiment austauschten. Ich hoffe dass sie und ich noch viele dieser tollen zugadapter verkaufen, damit diese idee auch belohnt wird. Danke nochmal!!!" -Oliver Most, Automobildoctor-Most / Munich, Germany

"I’ve been glue-pulling PDR now for six years, and I’ve used just about every tab available on the market. A few months ago I received some Atlas Tabs, and after letting them sit in my tool box a few weeks, I decided to give them a try. To my surprise, they are the best tabs I have used to date. I specialize in LARGE DENT REPAIR and with the Atlas Tabs and a slide hammer, I’ve noticed some of the strongest pulls I’ve ever gotten from a tab and I’ve yet to break one. I’ve used all types of glue with them and clean-up is a synch. No heavy grooves for glue to get stuck in yet still strong enough to get a good pull. Thanks again Atlas for a great product." -Vince D’Alessandro (15 years dent tech), Dents No More / Orange County, CA

“Hi Atlas Olympian Team! Nachdem wir und unsere Kunden die Atlas Olympian Klebeadapter und dem dazugehörigen Kleber in sehr vielen erfolgreichen Anwendungen getestet haben, können wir in höchstem Maße bestätigen, dass diese zu den besten am Weltmarkt erhältlichen Klebeadaptern gehören. Wir, sowie auch unsere Kunden, werden diese in der täglichen Praxisarbeit positiv und mit einem hohen Qualitätsergebnis benutzen. Ohne große Überzeugungsarbeit sind all unsere Kunden mit der Qualität 100% zufrieden. Wir haben höchsten Respekt für die Qualität, deren Praxis- und Testergebnisse u.a. im „Kizerwerx Testing Labor USA“. Das Testerbenis spricht für diese Produkte. Die Ergebnisse der Klebeadapter unter Anwendung des dafür vorgesehenen Klebers sind erste Klasse! Wir sind froh unseren Kunden in Deutschland, in Europa und am restlichen Weltmarkt die Atlas Dent Tools anbieten zu können. Mit großen Respekt!” Markus Bauer, / GermanyEn el año 2000,

"fundí mi negocio, una empresa dedicada a la reparación de vehículos dañados por granizo y abolladuras en general, utilizando el sistema Desabollar Sin Pintar, (Paintless dent removal). Como todos, hemos desarrollado la técnica de sacar impactos con varillas y ventosas con cola termo fusible. La segunda ha sido limitada por la adhesión disponible y la fuerza que un técnico puede aplicar, sin saltar la ventosa. En Febrero de este año recibí una oferta de probar el producto Atlas Glue Tabs, un tipo de ventosa que parece similar de las ventosas que usamos habitualmente. Sin embargo, no son iguales. El Atlas ventosa es más rígido y pega con mucho mas fuerza a la carrocería, dando la posibilidad de levantar abolladuras que fueron imposibles con otras ventosas, y además, la cola casi siempre queda pegada a la chapa, reduciendo el riesgo de dañar la pintura y ahorrando tiempo de limpieza. Hay que adaptar su técnica a estas nuevas ventosas, los resultados merecen el esfuerzo. Se lo recomiendo a todos que hagan una prueba de este producto." -Peter Bell, Director Treu Cops Servei de l’automòbil / Barcelona, Spain

"Hey lincoln I got the tabs and glue thank you so much. I couldn't try them until today because I had to build a pull tip for my slide hammer its very low end but it worked great Your tabs worked great I worked on my own truck its a 07 gmc a young girl hit me in the left rear tire and into the quarter and the bumper its a big dent with 2 fairly stiff creases running the length of it and it gets deep up against the bumper. I worked about an hour and a half on it today it looks great I am more than impressed with your tabs I can't believe how well they pull. I tried pushing the deepest part of the dent when it first happened the whole quarter was flexing and the dent wasn't moving your tabs pulled that deep buckle another half hour of finishing its going to look great the bodyshop wanted 1400 I'm going to try pulling the bumper also that has a long soft crease will see. I have a jeep liberty hail car to do tomorrow the hood has about 80 with 6or8 big ones I can't wait to use your tabs to get the big dent moving. Thanks again these things are awesome I will keep you posted. Let me know when you finish your slide hammer." -Mike, Dings Happen / Gorham Maine

"I got the tabs and glue from the contest and to be honest I thought they weren't going to be anything out of the norm. The tabs work fantastic with zero stretch and very positive pulls. The glue I had to get used to, since it takes a bit longer to dry, but once its dry, its Awsome! Reminds me of the Italian black glue wurth makes, except yours comes off easier. Thanks again!" -Keith Shapiro / Wichita, Kansas

"Hey! I have tried your glue tabs for the last month, and I must say these really are the strongest gluetabs I have ever used. We are working here in Prague, damage is very difficult, but no problem to move a dent with your tabs."-Franci Klemen, Slovenia

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